October 2, 2022
2021 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD | Lincoln, IL

Getting Your Vehicle Ready for Winter

Even if you drive a tough, capable vehicle like a Chevrolet Silverado 1500 or a Chevrolet Tahoe, it’s essential to make sure that your ride is prepared for slick roads and chilly conditions. Here are a few simple tips for getting your vehicle ready for winter.

Have An Emergency Kit Ready

If you find yourself stranded by the roadside in the wintertime, you don’t want to be without some essential equipment. Make sure you have essentials such as extra boots and gloves, a blanket, non-perishable food, a shovel, jumper cables, vehicle fluids, and a spare tire.

Drive With The Right Tires

Illinois winters can be brutal. Instead of braving the ice in all-season tires, give yourself a little more reassurance on the road by switching to snow tires when the seasons change. And if you need help finding tires that will suit your needs and budget, we’ll help you find a fitting set of tires at the Graue Inc. service center.

Ensure Good Visibility

Snowstorms can lower your visibility on the road. Make sure you can see — and be seen — by performing some simple maintenance. Choose a de-icing windshield washer fluid, and change the windshield wiper blades if they’re cracked or worn. Also, make sure your car’s headlights are bright and functional. If they’re not, we’ll help you replace them at the Graue Inc. service department.

Need a little help getting your car ready for winter? Schedule a visit with the friendly experts at the Graue Inc. service department in Lincoln, Illinois.

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