October 2, 2022
Understanding Dashboard Warning Lights on Your GM Vehicle | Lincoln, IL

Understanding Dashboard Warning Lights on Your GM Vehicle

Your Chevrolet or Buick vehicle uses its dashboard warning lights to communicate with you. Those lit-up icons are how your car, truck, or SUV tells you that something is wrong and needs to be fixed immediately. That’s why it’s important you recognize the meaning of these dashboard warning lights.

Engine oil

Your vehicle relies on engine oil to run properly. If the oil is dirty or depleted, it won’t lubricate the mechanical components sufficiently. If the oil pressure is low for some reason and isn’t flowing properly, this symbol will illuminate on the dashboard.

Temperature warning

It’s important that your Chevy or Buick vehicle’s motor stays cool when running for hours at a time. If it overheats, permanent damage may be caused and it could stop functioning altogether. If your car’s engine starts to overheat, you’ll see this thermometer icon appear on the dashboard.

Check engine

This is the most urgent warning your car will give you; it communicates that something is fundamentally wrong with the vehicle’s powertrain and how it’s operating. The check engine light can be triggered for many different reasons, and some of them are very serious. Don’t ignore this symbol if you see it glowing.

If your GM vehicle shows any of these critical symbols, come to the Graue Inc. service center immediately so we can diagnose the issue and correct it right away.

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