October 1, 2022
Dealership Service Bay | Lincoln, IL

Tips to increase your vehicle’s value

Want to keep your vehicle in peak condition while simultaneously increasing its resale value? The Graue Inc. team has rounded up some simple tips to help you accomplish these two goals.

Stay on top of routine maintenance

Take your car in to a trusted dealership like Graue Inc. for routine service tasks like oil changes and tire rotations. Staying up to date on basic maintenance will go a long way in keeping your vehicle functioning smoothly both now and later on when the time comes to sell it or trade it in.

Repair damages promptly

Fix small damages like windshield chips and exterior scratches as soon as you can. Not only will this prevent these issues from turning into larger and pricier problems down the road, but it will also help boost your vehicle’s resale value.

Keep service documentation

Each time you take your vehicle in to a dealership for service, make sure to keep any receipts and documentation that you’re sent home with. These records will serve as proof of your car’s good condition, which in turn, will give you bargaining power when the time comes to trade it in.

Park inside whenever possible

Store your vehicle in a garage, if possible, to shield it from the elements. It’s a simple way to help prevent your car from rusting and extend its shelf life as you enjoy driving it around Lincoln, Illinois.  

Contact the Service Department at Graue Inc. to schedule routine maintenance for your current ride. Or speak with one of our Finance Department reps to find out more about trading in your vehicle so you can lease or buy one of the newer vehicles on our lot.

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