October 2, 2022

Tips for Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Vehicle

Cleaning Your Car | Lincoln, IL

These days, cleaning and disinfecting your vehicle is more important than ever. In order to keep your car clean without harming its surfaces, follow these tips.

Use alcohol solutions

Alcohol solutions with at least 70 percent alcohol are great for disinfecting your car’s interior. You can use these solutions on almost every surface of your car. Just make sure to wipe down high-touch surfaces, like the steering wheel, armrests and door handles. You may even be able to use certain products to clean cloth upholstery.

Utilize soap and water

One of the best ways to keep yourself and your belongings clean is to utilize simple soap and water. Mix some up in a bucket, and use a soft washcloth to scrub down interior surfaces. Although friction is good for cleaning, it’s important to be gentle with soft surfaces, particularly if they’re leather. If you scrub too hard, you could cause the leather upholstery to lose some of its color. To prevent this, apply leather cleaner and leather conditioner after washing the interior.

Avoid bleach and hydrogen peroxide

Although bleach and hydrogen peroxide can disinfect surfaces, they will also damage the interior of your car. Ammonia-based cleaners can also ruin the anti-glare coating of your car’s touch screen. Keep away from these options, and use the solutions recommend above instead.

If you notice that your car could use some new tires or other maintenance when cleaning your car, schedule a service appointment at Graue Inc. in Lincoln, Illinois.

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