October 2, 2022

Tips for Safely Traveling with Your Pets in the Car

Two Dogs In A Car | Lincoln, IL

On road trips, every family member should be safe, including the furry ones. No matter how comfortable they may seem riding in the car, your pet requires certain measures to protect them. Follow these tips we recommend for safely traveling with your pets in the car.

Use proper equipment

While it may seem fine to let your dog or cat roam freely inside the cabin, it’s not safe for them or you. Using a safety harness or pet carrier will not only keep them from distracting you while you drive but also prevent them from being thrown around in an accident.

Attach identification

It is important that your cat or dog wears a collar and tag when traveling. Make sure the tag contains your current contact information, including your cell phone number. That way, you can be contacted if your pet escapes. As an additional precaution, type up a temporary tag that lists each destination, such as the address of your hotel or campsite.

Stop for breaks

If your journey will be a long one, make sure that your pet is given regular breaks every couple of hours to get some fresh air and relieve themselves. Don’t feed them during the ride or they may get motion sickness. If they need to eat or drink, let them do so when you stop for a break.

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