September 27, 2021

Tire Trivia: Important Facts About Your Car’s Wheels

Chevrolet Tire Service | Lincoln, IL

You may know how to check tire pressure and look for worn tread, but there’s a lot more to know about tires than those basics. Here are some interesting facts about tires that may even help you take better care of your Chevrolet or Buick vehicle from Graue Inc.

There’s more to a tire than rubber

You’re probably familiar with certain compounds in tires, like the rubber, steel, nylon, and Kevlar. However, modern tires are made up of much more than that. In fact, they are designed with over 200 materials, including cobalt and titanium.

Tires are losing weight

The heavier a tire is, the more inertia it has. So tire manufacturers are focusing on making their products lighter. Tires that weight less create less rolling resistance, which can lead to better capability from a vehicle.

A tire’s wear and tear could signal a bigger problem

When you look at a tire for signs of wear, you should also look for signs of poor alignment. If the two front tires are worn unevenly, it means that your vehicle’s suspension needs aligned.

Most tire blowouts are caused by under-inflation

If a tire is driven on while underinflated, its sidewalls can weaken, which decreases their ability to bear the weight of the vehicle. It’s important to check your vehicle’s tire pressure regularly to prevent a potential blowout.

If your car, truck, or SUV needs new tires, contact Graue Inc. Our expert technical service staff can install a shiny new set right away.

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